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About Made for a Mission

David A Posthuma wrote "Made for a Mission" as a companion resource for the assessment tools he developed for AssessME.org and the E-Church Network. David combines his pastoral training from Calvin College of Grand Rapids, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL, with his expertise as a Strategic Systems Designer. His passion is to equip and resources churches so that they can mobilize as many people as possible into ministry service.

The book takes the reader through a strategic self-assessment process, helping the reader to not only better understand his or her own design for ministry service, but concurrently educating the reader in the crucial ministry philosophy that is the foundational building-blocks for properly implementing the assessment tools.

Outreach marketing has produced banners and mailing cards based upon the cover design of Made for a Mission. These banners and resources can be great assets for a church campaign. To view these resources, Click Here. AssessME.org also offers a "Pastor's Kick-Off Kit" that includes a complete sermon series based upon Made for a Mission, and an eBook designed to help pastors mobilize their people as never before possible.

Readers of Made for a Mission are encouraged to create a free ministry account with AssessME.org. The free ministry account also offers five free assessment packs, so you and four other leaders, can work through the book with no additional cost for taking the assessments. A sample of the book can be viewed below... [Register Ministry Account Now]


Made for a Mission Book

$13.60 from CLC Publications. Call 1-800-659-1240 for large quantity discounts.

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Made for a Mission, Published by CLC Publications, Philadelphia, PA

David A. Posthuma is the founder of E-Church Essentials, LLC, and Designer of AssessME.org and the E-Church Network. Phone Toll-Free: 1-800-724-1159